Preteen and teen years are the most common years in initiating orthodontic treatment. Most teenagers start treatment just before permanent dentition is completed. Bones are still responding well on orthopedic intervention and facial harmony and balance can be easily achieved.

A beautiful smile is a powerful communication tool. It is also a great tool against dental problems presenting later in life. Is it easy to maintain healthy teeth if they are crowded? Is it easy to clean them properly? How would our breath and smile be affected in the long run?

Teen age years are the years that "braces" are yet another "hassle". But think of it as just the short part of the road. The road to a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime! Nevertheless today, orthodontic treatment has so many options that it would be unfair to only think of "ugly, bulky braces"!

As the majority of orthodontic appliances are attached on the front surface of the teeth, speech is not affected during treatment. A slight discomfort during the first hours is easily dealt with, and goes away very soon.

Time of orthodontic treatment varies according to the severity of the orthodontic problem. Each teenager has a unique problem with its own treatment severity and time. But is it "just fast" always the best solution? True, we are all looking forward to a faster treatment. But let's not rush into it. How many people know that acute orthodontic forces lead to root desorption, initially unnoticed?

In our office you will have the opportunity to give us your feedback, solve your questions and chose together the appliance that will give you a perfect result! You will have access to mini brackets with all colors of elastic ties, transparent ceramic brackets or the totally invisible Invisalign teen, so that your journey through the orthodontic treatment will be a joyful one!


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