Orthodontic Problems

The vast majority of orthodontic problems appear in early stages of mixed dentition and they usually belong into three major categories:

  • Dental problems: one or more teeth are crowded, out of the dental arch, rotated, ectopic or with wrong axial inclination. Upper and lower dental arches may or may not occlude in proper positions.
  • Skeletal problems: teeth are in relative good positions but there are discrepancies in upper and lower jaws.
  • Complex dentoskeletal problems: Problems in the dentition as well as in the bones of the lower face.

Why should we proceed to orthodontic therapy?

Prevention in orthodontics is as valuable as in any other field of medicine. If malocclusions are treated early we can:

  1. Avoid trauma on protruding anterior teeth that might fracture.
  2. Maintain good oral hygiene if teeth are in correct alignment reducing chances of decay and gingivitis.
  3. Improve skeletal discrepancies and achieve facial balance.
  4. Minimize the necessity of extractions in specific cases.
  5. Improve mastication and facial aesthetics.
  6. Improve speech problems related to orthodontic issues.
  7. Improve self esteem as our smile is a most powerful communication and expression tool, always giving the very first impression in human encounters.

How do we fix orthodontic problems?

Orthodontic appliances are commonly called "braces" or "removable appliances". Every case is treated differently according to its needs. Today, the use of current technology gives us the possibility of faster, aesthetic and more comfortable orthodontic treatment.


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