In order for the orthodontic treatment to be accomplished faster and with optimum results, the following instructions should be followed:

  • Don't chew on very hard food (rusks, nuts, hard candy, hard trimmings from bread or pizza)
  • Avoid habits as nail or pencil chewing
  • If food is stuck, remove it with your toothbrush; avoid using your hands on the appliances
  • All kinds of chewy food are forbidden (gum, regular or sugarless, sticky candy etc). They destroy orthodontic appliances and cause tooth decay
  • Food should be cut into pieces before eaten.
  • Remove any bones from meat or chicken to be eaten and cut it into pieces. Do the same for fruits as apples and pears, or corn on the cob. In general, avoid biting into foods with your front teeth
  • Remove pits from fruits or olives before consuming them
  • We recommend the use of an interproximal toothbrush in conjunction with your regular one, for better cleaning of the teeth


Brushing after each meal thoroughly, use of fluoride rinse, and regular preventive visits to your dentist twice a year are the means of an ever healthy and beautiful smile!!!


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