Nowadays, more and more adults start orthodontic treatment in order to solve problems were not corrected before, or developed at later stages. Adult orthodontics requires close cooperation with the general dentist and, if needed, with other specialists as the oral-maxillofacial surgeon, periodontologist, prosthetologist or endodontist. The use of new treatment modalities as the mini implants for improved anchorage, gives us now excellent solutions in preparing sites for dental implants or bridges.

Many adults are triggered to seek advice not only for crowded teeth, but also for teeth that gradually developed spaces in between. Unfortunately, in many cases this is a first sign of underlying periodontal disease. In such cases, orthodontics in conjunction to periodontal therapy is the treatment of choice.

Quite often that teenagers and adults visit the orthodontist having just accidently found the retention of one or more primary teeth in the mouth. If there no congenitally missing teeth, prolonged retention can cover an impacted tooth. This is rather often in the canines. In such cases orthodontics with surgical exposure and traction of the impacted tooth to the dental arch gives us excellent results.

Severe cases with skeletal disharmonies are being solved with cooperation of orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery. The results are truly impressive.

Our long experience in adult orthodontics and the individual care on each patient helps us identify and solve difficult orthodontic problems with accuracy and great attention to detail.

Aesthetic composite restorations and venners are a powerful tool in today's dental treatment. There are used on teeth that have problems in shape, form, color or surface area. In some instances there are also used in the end of orthodontic treatment when such issues occur. However, they shouldn't be "the fast alternative solution" to orthodontic treatment. That would mean in many cases loss of tooth tissue without a reason, or unnecessary build ups in crowded teeth resulting in poorer oral hygiene. The ideal solution lies on the cooperation between the dental specialties for an optimum result!


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